About Us

  Presents in Paradise is a Florida Not-for­ Profit organization that serves Monroe County, Florida exclusively. Since 2003, PIP has operated quietly behind the scenes to assist families in Monroe County with a special focus on assistance during the holidays. Presents in Paradise provides clothing, shoes, bicycles, educational and learning toys as well as other items to working families, single head-of­ household families, and families that are just plain in need.

We are a unique program in our ability to meet the individual needs of each child served. Parents provide lists of requested items, and children are able to enjoy the magic of Christmas -having those special wishes met by Santa himself. We work with parents in order to provide them the ability to celebrate positive family holidays which strengthen relationships overall.

Parents are an important component of this program. We feel that families are strengthened when parents are in a position to provide. In the recent ALICE report released by United Way of Monroe County, 54% of the families in the Keys fall below the ALICE threshold -the financial benchmark of meeting basic needs. Of families where a single female is a head-of-household, 86% fall below the ALICE threshold. Families struggling to meet basic needs are unable to budget for holidays, and the assistance provided by Presents in Paradise also aids in defraying the cost of clothing, shoes, and food.

All funds address the local needs of Monroe County residents and working families. Families are known to our volunteers and participate through a confidential sign-up process. The organization is run 100% by local Presents in Paradise volunteers, or… Santa’s elves! There is no overhead, no salaries, or costs, so 100% of all donations go directly to families in our county.

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